Most commercial litigation involves large corporate law firms, Fortune 500 businesses and hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars in contention. As a result, large firms can easily charge clients hourly rates between $400 and $500 per hour.

Small businesses seeking justice through the courts often find themselves paying Big Corporate fees when seeking legal representation in simple business and contractual disputes. As a result, many are forced to choose between prosecuting a case with a Big Firm lawyer (and thereby risk spending more on the lawsuit than they could ever recoup in court), or eating their losses.

Oftentimes, larger firms file large lawsuits pleading a variety of counts, filing countless motions, numerous discovery requests and hoping to cover every legal angle imaginable. The infinite scope of their thoroughness, and the timespans involved with such lengthy litigation strategies invariably runs up client bills, such that they are often forced to settle on unfavorable terms, if only to save their skin and avoid losing more money in litigation.

The Law Office of Robert J. Wittmann is dedicated to providing high-quality legal representation to local small businesses at rates they can afford. While we are ready and able to file large scale breach of contact and commercial lawsuits, we go to great lengths communicating with clients in order to more fully ascertain what their actual business interests and cost thresholds are, and how litigation can help or hinder those endeavors. Sometimes this means we can resolve disputes through mediation or arbitration. Other times, it means carefully tailoring and narrowing the scope of a legal complaint and filing it in the Special Civil part of the Law Division. This latter option, although limited to cases with less than $15,000 in dispute, is often the best way to quickly, efficiently and affordably settle a majority of small business disputes.

If you own a small business in the Collingswood, Haddon Township, Haddonfield, and Oaklyn areas, or anywhere else in South Jersey, then please contact the Law Office of Robert J. Wittmann today for a free consultation at 856-873-3730.

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