Security Deposits

Although most landlords are good and decent people, there is a small subset who break the rules. Unfortunately, I've found that the poorer one is, the more likely one is to be victimized by these "predator" landlords, or slumlords, as they're frequently called.

First of all, your security deposit cannot, ever, under any circumstances be in excess of 1.5 times your rent.  If it is, this is illegal and improper and you should contact an attorney right away.

Second, the landlord needs to tell you where the security deposit went.  Under NJ law, security deposits must be deposited into a special, interest-bearing bank account. The bank name, location and account number must be given to the tenant. This money must be placed into such an account within 30 days after the tenant moves in.

That said, many landlords are very informal and some of them actually pocket this money. This is illegal and doing so can result in serious criminal charges.

The security deposit exists so that the landlord can deduct/subtract money from it, so that he can fix various problems in the apartment---caused by you----after you leave. He can also use the security deposit to pay for owed rent, if you leave before the lease expires.

However, a landlord can't keep the security deposit, just because he wants to. use your security deposit to remodel the apartment, or fix stuff that would normally be called normal wear-and-tear.

If you move out in a legal manner, and you didn't damage your apartment, your landlord needs to return the security deposit to you.

If your landlord does not have a lawful claim to the security deposit, and he fails to return this to you within 30 days after you move out, you will then have a claim against the landlord. If you file a claim and prevail, the landlord will be required to pay you double the security deposit, as well as costs and sometimes even attorney's fees.

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