Whether you're dealing with the Financial Sector or the Construction Industry, New Jersey has a national reputation for having some of the most unethical, corrupt and questionable businesses in the nation. To combat this reputation, and protect the interests of NJ citizens, the NJ Legislature has enacted some of the most progressive, expansive and far-reaching consumer protection laws in the country under the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act (CFA).

This law prohibits misrepresentations, unconscionable practices, bait-and-switch practices, and similar, albeit far-too-common tactics in consumer transactions.

Unlike other laws, New Jersey's CFA has substantial teeth. If you file a consumer fraud claim and successfully prove to a judge or jury that there was a "substantial violation" of the CFA (such that there was an ascertainable loss that was proximately caused by the Defendant's violation of the Act), then you are entitled to Treble Damages (three times your actual damages) as well as attorney fees. Furthermore, proving a "substantial violation" will ensure that the judgment against the Defendant will not be dischargeable in bankruptcy. This is of great help to consumers, because countless companies declare bankruptcy (only to open business again under a new corporate name) in order to avoid paying court-mandated judgments.

This ensures that guilty Defendants can be held responsible for their misdeeds, regardless of any fancy accounting games that they play.

The CFA applies to a wide variety of consumer transactions:

a. Home Improvement & Construction Contracts

b. Automobile Purchases & Repairs

c. Financial Fraud

d. Debt Collection Fraud

Unfortunately, the vast majority of people don't realize their legal rights until its too late, long after they have lost vast sums of time and money, due to the careless or reckless actions of a predatory business or corporation. As an experienced NJ Consumer Protection attorney, I have the skills you need to ensure that you are fully protected under the laws of this state.

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