New Jersey has some of the smoothest and most streamlined divorce laws in the country. Unlike many other states, which make the process difficult and require a showing of "marital fault," NJ allows for "no-fault" divorces, on grounds such as "irreconcilable differences."

In order to file for a no-fault, irreconcilable differences divorce, you need to prove four (4) things:

1. You or your spouse must have lived in N.J. for 12 months prior to the filing of the Complaint.

 2. You  and your spouse must have experienced irreconcilable differences  for six (6) months prior to the filing of the complaint

3. Both parties must believe that these irreconcilable differences mandate termination of the marriage.

4. There is no reasonable belief that the parties will reconcile

In the past, NJ courts often required a finding of fault, such as abandonment or adultery. While these can give you immediate grounds for filing a divorce (such that you don't need to wait 6 months), they generally don't give you any extra advantages in the divorce litigation. Generally, the only time adultery aids one's divorce case is when a spouse dilutes marital assets by secretly spending vast amounts of marital assets on a boyfriend/girlfriend.

When you file your divorce complaint, you list the various things you want the court to address, in addition to the divorce. Complaints often include demands for equitable distribution, alimony, and child support.  Furthermore, parties have the ability to file what are called pendente lite motions. These are motions that give one the ability to request temporary child support or spousal support, during the divorce litigation, without having to wait until the very end for a Final Judgment.

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