My parents were divorced when I was young, forcing my Mom to raise my sister and I on her own. I know from my Mom's experience how frustrating the court system can be --particularly when funds are short, emotions are high, there are bills to pay, and the laws are both complex and numerous. The experience often makes people give up and needlessly concede major concessions to the other side.

That’s why you want an attorney who knows what you’re going through; an attorney who treats and sees you as a person; somebody who will guide you through the process and help you make the best decisions, every step of the way, and serve not only as your attorney but as your adviser and counselor as well.

My law office is committed to providing justice in the Family Courts to people from all walks of life; people who want all the skill, competence and zeal of a private sector lawyer, mixed with the passion and commitment to justice one normally finds in the public sector.

My Runnemede Family Law Practice Includes:


I am an experienced and aggressive Runnemede Family Law Attorney with years of trial and appellate experience. My office is conveniently located on the Black Horse Pike, in Runnemede, N.J. for all of your South Jersey family law needs..

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